Anonymous: I sort of understand why my family would feel like I'm letting them down. Mental illness isn't something my family likes to talk about. My father was abusive and was mentally ill so if I broach the subject of my self loathing it'll just be thrown in my face that I'm going to turn out just like my father. I'm scared of being like him. I'm scared of being out of control. I'm scared they'll think I'm crazy.


So turn that around. You’re not gonna end up like him because you’re aware and working on it. If you seriously say to your family “I need help” and they don’t offer it or help you get there, I’m extremely sorry for you. Do you have resources at school? A teacher you trust? Guidance counsellor.

I know for a fact that you won’t end up like your father. You know why? Because you told me. You’re not gonna let it happen. And that’s noble. Hold onto that, and keep busting ass to get to where you want to be.

Gig pay day.

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