I also need money for my internship… that I need to apply to.

So you can imagine my to-do list is getting quite extensive.


When school hits me hard, I never really blog much of anything.

I need to devote some time to blogging to filling in what little exciting things are happening in my life.

I’m currently not feeling so well, allergies are hitting me hard… but I’m going into work anyways because I need the money.

Also, I have this guilt-thing going on. I already feel bad for missing Class and Practicum today because I wanted to see if extra sleep could help, and I couldn’t spread germs to the old folks.

I love them too much to do that, I just feel bad for missing out on an afternoon with them ):

I’m charging my iPod so I can listen to some good music to head down the Hill to. I need to be in a good mood.

Aside from that, I’m working for money for a potential Mission trip to Nicaragua… and I almost made the deposit, but the woman who I give the money to, M, told me to take the weekend and sleep on it.

Good advice, good advice.

So, we’ll see how this weekend and next week pan out for now.


Im adorable as hell and I think I’m really cute.
also stunning and brilliant

I love this.

So done not liking myself. So glad Im over that



1. Pour out how much you think you need.

2. Wrong.

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